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The Most Unique Gift Ever!

I use a technique of subtle side and back lighting to create a very dramatic look. The photographs work with the beautiful lines and angles of the female form. Having photographed many women of different sizes and shapes, I am able to create a personal series of images unique to each woman. These images are very tasteful and not so revealing. A wonderful gift for a special person or yourself.
- Herb Booth

Info for All Models

I take great pride in creating very tasteful and creative images. The majority of my photography is done in my Sarasota, Florida studio. My staff and I maintain a professional atmosphere where even the most modest woman can feel comfortable. Our goal is to have every model leave feeling great about herself and the experience she had creating the images.

Bodyform Brochure

To ask questions regarding our services or to make an appointment,  contact our office at  941-359-3456.

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